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After School (Green Room)

About Green Room

Ages 5-12

Green Room offers additional enrichment before and/or after school for elementary children 5-12 years old. This room operates at a state-mandated 1:14 teacher-child ratio. However, we aim for a 1:10 ratio to allow the children to practice their critical thinking and problem-solving skills with more guidance.

We provide a safe and positive environment for children to learn and explore. Our program stimulates students’ social, physical, and cognitive abilities through participation in activities with their school-aged peers. We offer homework help during the school year and fun and engaging summer camps during the summer vacation.

During the summer we take weekly field trips to the library, city pool, and neighboring parks to further enrich the child’s experiences and provide additional opportunities for physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

We have many games inside and outside, and we encourage students to take the initiative when picking out their choice of activity while providing support and observation. Games can be extremely beneficial to growing minds! Children get an opportunity to develop many social skills including communicating with peers, taking turns, following established rules, teamwork and working towards a common goals, and problem solving. Teachers are always nearby to assist children in their play, that is if they aren’t already playing along with them!