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Outdoor Classroom

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

Our outdoor classroom is utilized by all three preschool classrooms and allows for multifaceted learning experiences! There are times when all our preschool classrooms are outside at the same time which allows the older children to practice their nurturing side and help guide the learning of the younger students while allowing the younger children to try new tasks and challenge themselves by watching and following the older children.

We aim to have a wide variety of activities available to meet the needs of all our students while challenging them to try new things. Our outside classroom features:

  • A garden
  • A large mud kitchen
  • Single and two-rider bikes
  • Scooters
  • A cave climber structure
  • Two play structures with slides
  • A “safe bar” for hanging, swinging, and doing tricks
  • Grassy area for relaxing or playing with smaller toys
  • Two picnic tables
  • Chalk
  • Basketball
  • Playground balls
  • Soccer balls

Our play-based curriculum relies on having plenty of time outdoors in the fresh air. We are proud to have such a wonderful outdoor classroom that enhances the children’s learning. It’s typically the children’s favorite place at school! For example, the simple act of climbing the play structures to go down the slide, allows children to:

  • Strengthen their muscles
  • Work on their coordination and balance
  • Get fresh air in their lungs
  • Get vitamin D from the sun
  • Learn to follow the rules by taking turns
  • Learn to cooperate with others by taking turns
  • Learn basic physics concepts how they slide when at an incline

These learning-rich experiences are constantly occurring while the children are playing outside which is why we make it such an important part of our daily routine. Thankfully, we have fairly moderate temperatures on most days. In the warmer months, we will apply sunscreen, take water breaks, and use water tables to ensure the children do not get overheated. We also have plentiful shade from the hot sun in the summer months from our beautiful trees!

In the winter, we want to continue with outdoor learning and playing as much as possible, but children love to splash in puddles and play in mud! We ask that parents send a hat and gloves to help keep little heads and fingers warm while they ride the bikes outside. A weather-proof jacket and rain boots are great after it rains so they can enjoy the playground in wet conditions.