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Preschool Ages 2-3 (Red Room)

About Red Room

Ages 2-3

Red Room serves children 2-3 years of age with a state required 1:12 teacher-child ratio, although we typically stay at a 1:6 teacher-child ratio. We continue to use primary care groups to encourage bonding and nurturing in the growth and development of the child. The care givers are responsible for routine care giving and potty training assistance.

We teach many of the basic physical skills and gross motor development like balance, coordination, and body awareness. Our main emotional goals include helping each child get a sense of self-respect, teaching them how to adjust to new situations, and building a willingness to try new activities. We begin an abundance of fine motor skills such as scissor skills and offer plenty of opportunities for sensory development through play dough, slime, and hands-on art.

Teachers utilize the Zoophonics program in our weekly curriculum to introduce letters and their sounds in a fun and engaging way. Red Room teachers also recognize the importance of using teachable moments; teachers get down to the child’s level to begin the foundations of sharing, taking turns, and problem solving. Teachers give children the words to use to express themselves and begin to communicate with peers and teachers to accomplish a goal such as when two children want the same toy.

Children moving to the Blue Room must be potty trained and able to go potty on their own without reminders. They must be developmentally ready for the class room. Children are required to sit and focus for longer periods of time. We want to encourage them that learning academically along with learning through play can both be very creative and exciting!