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Preschool Ages 3-4 (Blue Room)

About Blue Room

Ages 3-4

Blue Room serves children aged 3-4 years at a state-mandated 1:12 teacher-child ratio; however, we typically stay at a 1:8 ratio to allow for a more hands-on program.

The primary goals in this room are to strengthen each child’s social and emotional development while continuing to enhance their cognitive development and motor skills. The children learn problem-solving and decision-making processes with guidance and observation. We use a play-based program where the children learn art and activities through math, science, and literacy. There is a lot of dancing, singing, and physical education. The Blue Room incorporates Zoo Phonics and movement to our carpet time learning center.

Children entering the Yellow Room transition when they are four years of age and developmentally ready for this classroom. They should be entering the Yellow Room the year before they begin Kindergarten. We typically transition Blue Roomers to the Yellow Room in the summer, before the new school year begins.

When our Transitional Kindergarten Program begins, it resembles a Kindergarten classroom with structured activities and stations. We also encourage them to learn through play and using their wonderful imaginations.