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TK Program (Yellow Room)

About Yellow Room

Ages 4-5

The Yellow Room, or Transitional Kindergarten, is for children 4-5 years old. The state-mandated ratio is 1:12; however, we aim for a maximum of 1:8. This allows for more individualized learning experiences while helping children become more independent as they prepare for Kindergarten.

The primary focus in this room is school readiness, which means that we prepare children both socially and academically for the kindergarten environment.

We focus on the four domains of school readiness:

  1. Social and emotional development
  2. Language and communicative development
  3. Cognitive development
  4. Fine and gross motor development

It is crucial that we work together to have a stress-free and fun learning environment!

Children will be assessed twice during the school year – September and April – to help keep us aware of your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. This assessment includes special one-on-one time with your child as they are given the opportunity to show their teacher what they know and have learned. The assessments will have a positive emphasis in the classroom and provide a chance to celebrate the children’s growth and achievements!

We aim to develop responsibility and autonomy during our year in TK! Children will have their own homework folders to extend the classroom lessons at home, but it is always a choice; we want this to be a positive tool to guide your child in practice. Additionally, your child will have an individual page in the student sign-in binder and can sign in and out daily if they want to help guide and strengthen their grammar skills. These practices give the children a sense of self and makes them feel valuable.

We encourage children to become eager about learning, recognize that challenges are exciting, and understand that failing means we are working hard and will keep trying until we succeed!

At the end of the school year, a Transitional Kindergarten report card will be sent home along with your child’s portfolio. Finally, to celebrate our year of academic and social growth, we will have a grand ceremony where the children will get to choose the color of their caps and gowns. There will be lots of singing, laughing, and celebrating their hard work and achievements!