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We believe we have one of the best teams of teachers around! Our teachers are chosen for their passion, creativity, warmth and dedication to young children as well as their commitment to personal growth and continued education in the field of early education. Several of our wonderful teachers are parents themselves, which contributes to our nurturing and family-like environment. Many of our teachers have completed more than the required classes; they have degrees from Associate’s to Master’s level in early education and related fields!

Our staff have met the following requirements:

  • Fingerprint screening
  • Physical and TB test
  • Immunizations (current MMR and TDaP; Influenza annually for the Pink (infant) Room)
  • College courses for Teachers and above
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Trainings
    • Mandated Reporter
    • Sexual Abuse Awareness
    • Abuse Awareness

Our teachers stand out because they recognize that learning is an ongoing process that occurs all the time. They facilitate thinking by asking questions (Who? When? Where? What if?). They spend time observing and listening to the children’s interactions with materials and with each other. This gives hints as to what the children are curious about and what they find interesting.

Our teachers encourage investigation and repeated trials. Children learn when they get to experience things for themselves again and again. Our teachers make every minute count by creating a learning-rich environment where every interaction with children is thoughtful and purposeful.

Our teachers understand that choice is empowering for young children, so they provide children with opportunities to make a choice between two acceptable outcomes. For instance a child sitting on a table may be given the choice between sitting in a chair at the table and sitting on the carpet with another activity.